All Royale High Campus 3 Chest Locations: Free XP, Diamonds, Items (2024)

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Want to snag free XP, diamonds, and items? Find out where to find all hidden chest locations in Royale High Campus 3 right here.

By Chadley Kemp |

First Published September 21, 2023, 11:22

All Royale High Campus 3 Chest Locations: Free XP, Diamonds, Items (1)

Are you enjoying the new Royale High Campus 3 realm? We figured as much! What's even more thrilling is that numerous chests are hidden throughout the new school, offering free items, XP, and diamonds!

But the burning question many players want to know is where to find all the chest locations in Royale High. But don't worry. In this guide, I'll show you how to find all of them. Sound good? Great - let's dive straight into all the awesome rewards that await you!

When you're done with this guide, be sure to check out our guide on the Royale High Halloween event. Or maybe you want to know how to complete every Royale High quest in Campus 3? Have fun!

Table of Contents

  • Where To Find All Chest Locations In Royale High Campus 3
    • Water Gate Chest
    • Right Tower Window Chest
    • Waterfall Chest
    • Inside the School
    • The Forest Chest
    • Teacher's Lounge Chest
    • Nature Fairy Chest
    • Enchantraverse Realm Chest
    • Light Fairy Chest
    • Free Items

Where To Find All Chest Locations In Royale High Campus 3

There are at least 11 free item chest locations in Royale High's new Campus 3 realm. Want to find them all? Don't sweat it. Follow our instructions below for XP and diamond rewards!

Water Gate Chest

From the main entrance gates (i.e., the ones next to the spawn-in point), you'll want to fly to the far left. You should spot a gate right above the waterfall. Go underneath it and dive into the water.
At the corner, you'll find a chest that gives you XP!

Right Tower Window Chest

From the main gate, fly to the right until you find the first tower. Go right to the top of the building, and you should spot a chest hidden inside. Note: This one might be tricky. You can't enter directly, so adjust your camera to find the right angle to click on the chest.

Pro Tip: Turning on "shift lock mode" can help, especially if you're playing Royale High on mobile.

Waterfall Chest

Continue flying to the right until you reach a scenic waterfall. It's hard to miss. Then, climb to the very top and dive into the water. There, you'll discover a chest hidden within a hole in Royale High, which will award you 750 diamonds.

Inside the School

The next Royale High chest location is inside the school. It might be a little tricky to find, but we'll do our best to explain exactly where to find it. Enter through the main gates and fly straight past the main lobby area until you get to the area with water ponds.

Fly up and look through the yellow window in the corner of the area. Here, you can access the chest by maneuvering around, which rewards you with 200 XP.

The Forest Chest

This next chest isn't on school grounds but is still accessible. From the Royale High Campus 3 school main gate, head outside toward the forest through the pathway beneath the portals.

Follow the glowing mushrooms until you find a pink mushroom. Following its direction leads you to a chest hidden behind a tree. Another bonus: 500 more diamonds!

While you're here, you might as well complete the "Road Less Travelled" badge in Royale High! It is a secret badge you can unlock in Campus 3.

Teacher's Lounge Chest

This chest in Royale High is exclusive for players who have reached level 1500. Once you're a high enough level, go behind the counter, past the scanner, and into the Teacher's Lounge. Look for a room with shelves. Beneath one of the shelves, you'll find a hidden chest containing more diamonds.

Nature Fairy Chest

This chest is exclusively for Nature Fairies. It's located in the dark forest near a heart-shaped pond. Use your spell on the vines behind the pond to reveal the chest. There's also a chest at the end of the Nature Fairy obby, hidden on top of one of the stands. It will award you with 500 diamonds.

Enchantraverse Realm Chest

Access this " Enchantraverse " realm and head to the Ice Kingdom. Once there, you'll need to venture into the icy maze. You'll need both fire and ice powers to unlock this chest. If you don't have these elements, level up and consult the Elemental Studies book. The chest will award you with 2,000 diamonds!

Light Fairy Chest

The last chest in Royale High is only available to Light Fairies. Fly up to the top turret balcony. Here, you'll see a white glowing object. Use your light powers to unlock this chest.

Free Items

Apart from the chests, there's another free item you can claim! Head to the school gate and approach the receptionist. To the right, you'll find a box of shirts. These shirts are customizable, and you can save them to your inventory by creating an outfit.

And that concludes our guide of all the free item chest locations in Royale High's Campus 3. We hope you're enjoying the new school as much as we are.

We want to extend a special thank you to YouTuber TauriWho for sharing all these chest locations in the game. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

All Royale High Campus 3 Chest Locations: Free XP, Diamonds, Items (8)

Written by Chadley Kemp

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All Royale High Campus 3 Chest Locations: Free XP, Diamonds, Items (10)

I'm Chadley Kemp, an Editor at GINX, with a diverse range of expertise that spans across various gaming genres, including MOBA games like Dota 2 and League of Legends, survival titles like V Rising and Dead Island 2, and sandbox games such as GTA Online and Roblox. My knowledge extends beyond gaming into streaming entertainment, covering trending news and drama surrounding platforms like TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube. With a Ph.D. in Physiology, my writing even extends into medical and marketing content, with research publications in high-impact scientific journals like Frontiers in Neuroscience.

Now, diving into the article about Royale High Campus 3, let's break down the concepts used:

  1. Royale High Campus 3: This refers to a new realm or area within the popular game Roblox Royale High. It introduces hidden chests that players can discover to get free items, XP, and diamonds.

  2. Hidden Chests: The article provides a detailed guide on where to find various hidden chests within Royale High Campus 3, each containing different rewards such as XP and diamonds.

  3. XP (Experience Points): XP is a gaming term representing experience points, earned by players as they progress in the game. In Royale High, these points contribute to a player's overall experience and progression.

  4. Diamonds: Diamonds are a form of in-game currency in Roblox, used for various purposes like purchasing items, accessories, or other virtual goods. The article highlights specific chest locations that reward players with diamonds.

  5. Pro Tips: The article includes pro tips, such as using "shift lock mode" to enhance gameplay, especially for mobile users.

  6. Badge: There's a mention of a secret badge, "Road Less Travelled," that players can unlock in Royale High Campus 3.

  7. Level Requirement: Some chests have level requirements, like the Teacher's Lounge Chest, which is exclusive for players who have reached level 1500.

  8. Fairy Classes: Specific chests are designated for players who have chosen certain classes, such as Nature Fairies and Light Fairies.

  9. Realm Exploration: The article talks about accessing different realms like "Enchantraverse" and specific locations within them, such as the Ice Kingdom, to find hidden chests.

  10. Special Powers: Certain chests require players to have specific powers, like fire and ice powers, to unlock them, adding an element of strategy and progression to the gameplay.

  11. Free Items: In addition to chests, there's information about claiming free customizable shirts at the school gate.

  12. Credits: The article acknowledges the contribution of YouTuber TauriWho for sharing the chest locations in the game, adding credibility to the information provided.

In conclusion, this comprehensive guide offers players valuable insights into maximizing their experience in Royale High Campus 3, showcasing my in-depth knowledge of the game's mechanics, hidden features, and the overall gaming ecosystem.

All Royale High Campus 3 Chest Locations: Free XP, Diamonds, Items (2024)


How do you get the golden grove chest? ›

To reach the chest, ascend the rugged path near a group of Sunlit Pond mobs. Finally, go to the southernmost fast travel point on the Golden Grove map by Fairyground. From here, head directly west to find the Stone Step Chest atop a semi-flat rock surrounded by bushes.

How do you get a vault chest? ›

Vault chests are generated on points of interest in a vault room. Each point of interest has a specific vault chest. There is a 5% probability that the vault chest is a trapped chest.

What is 1 diamond worth in royale high? ›

(note: this is all in usd, feel free to convert it.) alright so 1 robux is worth about ten diamonds. A single robux is about 0.0035 so a singular diamond is about 0.00035 usd.

How do you run a mile in Royale high? ›

For the run the mile quest, you need to go into dress up. and into the active wear section. and put any item from that section on. After that you need to run around, not walk, and it will show your progress while you're running.

Where are the chest in Royal Pool? ›

Royal Pools, among the stately columns location

The Stately Columns are to the rear left of the Royal Pools. Steer to the left around the large statue, and jump onto the raised platform. The chest is resting near the wall, between some of the stateliest columns you've ever seen.

Where is the water chest in Royale High Campus 3? ›

Go to the woods where you found your element, take two rights and at the tree there is a chest. at the top of the waterfall near the zipline if you go into the waterfall at the top there is a chest way below you.

How do you get to the collection chest in faculty tower? ›

All Collectibles In The Faculty Tower Secret Room

Once the player has crawled through the fireplace, they will need to ascend the stairs to their right in order to access the Faculty Tower's secret room. There, there can cast Revelio to reveal a chest and a dragon statue bowl.


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